About SoFluential


Are you looking for influencers who are SO-INFLUENTIAL? We’ve got you covered!

SoFluential is a digital publishing, marketing and communications agency founded and powered by influencers who understand the value of authentic, unique niche voices. 

We’ve successfully repped Military/ Military Spouse bloggers and influencers since 2012 and we’re ready to expand our network to include even more “super-niche” bloggers and nano influencers!

SuperNiche (we’re making this a thing): small communities that brands and PR Firms don’t know how to reach that have extremely influential yet untapped voices.

Our network of Military Spouse Bloggers is 500+ strong and our newest network, The Mix, is a growing community of multi-cultural multi-ethnic, and super niche influencers!

Over the past four years we’ve had a blast working with amazing brands and firms interested in finding the right voices to power their messaging. Just check out some of our work here.

Our campaigns are all about helping you achieve your goals whether it’s generating buzz, storytelling, or finding the right voices for your message without breaking your budget.

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