5 Ways Bloggers Can Find A Contact To Pitch

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You can have the best pitch ready to send a brand, but there is one nagging thing that stops so many influencers dead in their tracks from sending those pitches out...finding the brands contact.

One of the reasons our FB group is so popular is because we help bloggers to find contacts for brands they wish to reach. That being said most of those contacts can be found with an easy search on google and by using the proper wording.

Over the next few weeks we will go into more depth on how to find the proper brand contact, but because we know many bloggers have trouble with this here a few quick ways to make your email search easier:

Press Releases- Press releases are your best friend. Most of the time the golden ticket aka "the contact" is right there at the bottom. How do you find a press release? You can easily google " brand's name press release 2016". You can also find press releases on sites like PRWeb.com and PRNewsWire.com

About Us- Venture to any brand's website and click on "About Us". It is usually there you can find corporate information about the brand. Sometimes one of those tabs will say media contacts leading your directly to a contact.

Press/News/Media - Again sometimes this tab may be nested under "About Us" or it may have it's own tab at the bottom of a website. If you see this click on it and sometimes you will luck up and find a media contact on display. If not continue on to one of their press releases to see if the contact is there. 

Google It- A simple google search of "brand's name media contact" or "brand's name media relations" usually will generate a helpful email address.

LinkedIn- LinkedIn allows you to look up the employees for a company along with their title (as long as they are LinkedIn member) . Look up the brand on there you are interested in find their marketing or PR contact and then google " their name, the brand's name, email" to see if you can locate a contact address.

Social Media- Twitter for the most part allows you to DM brands without following. If all else fails send a short message via Twitter or FB. DO NOT send your pitch this way. Just simply let them know you would like to reach out to their PR or marketing rep.

Try doing these tips on your next pitching session to a brand.