The Facebook Branded Tool And What It Means For Digital Influencers


Facebook is known for making constant changes and trying new things out. While most digital influencers love the occasional new feature, it’s hard to love anything that potentially affects the reach and engagement of posts. It’s worse when these changes can cause sponsored social posts on Facebook to be removed or hidden.

What changes are we talking about?

Once again the lovely FB peeps have created a new feature that has been talked about for quite some time, and now is actually in effect. We are talking about the new “Branded Content” feature that influencers must now have if they want to continue tagging brands in sponsored social shares.

 What does this mean for you?

As per their policies, FB requires influencers or anyone working with a brand to tag the brand on FB. Once tagged, a brand will be notified and given access to share the post to their page, boost the post, and view performance insights.

 Creators and publishers will be held accountable with complying with relevant advertising regulations. This is in addition to the standard practice of disclosing that a post was sponsored.

 What steps must you take?

Creators and publishers are required to utilize the new Branded Content Tool. To gain access to the tool, follow this link.

 Once eligible, you will be permitted to share branded content. Again, keep in mind that you must disclose that a post is sponsored and you must tag your business partner in the post. For general inquiries regarding branded content on FB, please click here.

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