Our Primary services are directed at the military market and smaller unique niches.

  • Blogger Outreach, Recruitment, and Management- When you enlist SoFluential to help you run your existing campaign, or build a unique campaign just for you, we know how important it is to find the right voices to share your message. We will tap into our 500+ Military Spouse Blogger Network or our Mix Network to find the perfect fit bloggers, get our selected bloggers on the same page when it comes to sharing your message, report back to you on the status of your campaign, and distribute payment to each blogger who successfully carries out their campaign tasks.

  • Nano Influencers- Influencers with smaller followings are even more relatable and have loyal engaged followings that pack a powerful punch.We’ve compiled our nano influencers in various categories, and we’re adding to that list everyday.

  • Custom Campaigns- Are you new to the world of native advertising and social media marketing? Tell us your goal and we’ll lay out the options. Forget one-size-fits-all approaches to social media. Our team can build you a custom campaign to meet your goals.

  • Sponsored/Social Share Content Campaigns- Native advertising hinges on authentic experiences and organic outreach, and nobody does native advertising in the military community better than our Military Spouse Blogger Network. Word-of-Mouth-Marketing is an extremely powerful tool specifically in the military community. Peer-to-peer references easily convert readers into interested potential customers. Our sponsored content/social share campaigns provide you with evergreen content that will stay live and searchable for years to come. All sponsored posts include social promotion on relevant social networks, too!

  • Product Reviews- Looking for a few good nano-influencers to take your product or service for a test drive? Let SoFluential find you eager reviewers to share their inside scoop on your goods with their readers!

  • Live & Online Events, Home Parties- Ain’t no party like a SoFluential party cause a SoFluential party don’t stop! From house parties to live events we’re your one-stop shop to step outside of the traditional marketing box to create authentic engagement that people will literally buzz about!

  • Focus Groups & Survey Distribution- Are you doing consumer research via a focus group or survey? Let us help you find trusted voices in our community to provide you with thoughtful feedback about your initiative.

  • Brand Ambassadors and Spokespersons- Who better to spread your message and represent your brand than our hard-charging, highly-motivated military spouse influencers and bloggers?


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